At Bolcor we are an approved FHA/VA home builder. VA as little as 0 down and FHA as little as 3.5 percent down. We work with a variety of lenders for all different credit and home needs. So whether your FHA, VA conventional, or anything else, we can set you up with the correct lender.

Construction to Perm loans - This is the process for new construction loans. Typically you will pay interest on the money taken during the build. The bank or lender you choose will give you all the fees and percentages you will be paying and can walk you through the process. This will all be explained in your closing costs given by the lender. For more information or assistance with a lender that can help you the best contact us today.

Cash Buyers - Some buyers are purchasing and financing there own build. We welcome that type of transaction. Once a model or floor plan is chosen, and contracts are ready to sign we will give you a draw schedule for how the payment process is done. Once work commences you will start paying when certain stages of the house are complete. for example: Once the foundation and slab are complete you will be issued a draw for the work commencing up to that point. Contact us today for more info on self financing your new home build.